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Microeconomics Essay Topics: Suggestions From A Straight-A Student

Creating topics for essays is a challenging task, even for the best writers. But, when you are given the assignment to write an essay for a microeconomics class, choosing a topic becomes extremely stressful. Since it is not always appropriate to turn to the instructor for ideas, why not go to the next best option: straight-A students. Here are a selection of topics that were recommended by students who consistently earn A-grades in their classes:

Market structures. This topic is appropriate for microeconomics because it looks at different industries, from automotive, medical, retail, etc., to determine how the large structures, like monopolies and cartels, are creating dissonance with smaller firms and organizations. You can look at how market structures affect society because their large sizes.

Supply and demand. This law of economics is always worth investigating in an essay. You can look at specific items that are available in the retail market, like certain brands of cell phones or video games systems, and how those demanding numbers were created. You can also look at how supply and demand of one product affects similar products made by different brands.

Prices versus wages. There is a lot of discussion about whether or not raising minimum wages will affect prices. There is also significant talk about whether or not raising wages will cause employees to buy more products from their employers (especially if employers are in the retail industry).

Luxury pricing. Are luxury prices keeping consumers from buying goods? Or, are those prices making items sell more? You can investigate if luxury equals better or just a higher price, when comparing to items that are for the middle class.

Crowdfunding. This new option in raising money has changed the way that people do business. Is this style of earning money for start-up companies going to last? Can you build a viable business by asking the general public to give to your idea?

Buying local. Is it true that more money stays in a local economy when people buy from local shops? What does this mean to the community? How can people who look for low prices be convinced to buy locally?

When you look for topics that are timely and you ask meaningful questions, it becomes easy to develop an interesting topic for any type of essay. Fortunately, A-students do this frequently, so it becomes easy for them to create essay topics on all assignments, even microeconomics essays.

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