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10 Outstanding Ideas For Crafting An A-Grade Essay Of Freedom

Writing about your own experiences

When writing an essay about freedom, it is good to draw on your own experiences. If there have been occasions in your life where your freedom has been restricted then you can write about this. Alternatively, you may wish to write about the freedoms that you do have, in ways that others aren’t so lucky.

You may wish to describe what you feel about your freedom, as well as why you feel that it is important to you.

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes

If you’re able to put yourself in other people’s shoes, then you can potentially write a compelling article about the lack of freedom that some people have. Even if you cannot truly empathise with the lack of freedom that some people have, you can still try and research details about things such as modern-day slavery and restrictive regimes in repressive countries. You can also use quotes and opinions from other people to help give your paper more substance.

Picturing life without the freedoms you possess

As well as putting yourself in other people’s shoes, you can try and see how your life would be different if you lacked the freedoms that you currently have. You can potentially write a compare and contrast essay on how your life is now and how you think things would be if you lacked the freedom of speech or freedom of movement or any other freedoms.

Examine cultures and societies where freedoms are limited and what impact this has

You could write an essay about any modern day cultures and societies where freedoms are limited and oppression is an everyday norm. Alternatively, you may wish to look back in time at previous civilisations and how freedoms may have been restricted. You can even do an interesting essay which compares modern life to life at some point in history.

Some great freedom essay ideas

  1. Does freedom really exist?
  2. What does freedom me to you?
  3. Is freedom of speech always a good thing?
  4. Can freedom of speech exist alongside anti-discrimination laws?
  5. Is the internet the last bastion of freedom?
  6. Does freedom of speech truly exist in America?
  7. The trade of between hate speech and freedom of speech: is it worth it?
  8. Is the freedom of the press abused?
  9. The rights and responsibilities of freedom
  10. The price of freedom

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