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A List Of Top 20 Ethics Essay Topics That Will Make Your Paper Stand Out

When it comes to deciding on a topic for your ethics essay, you want to choose one that is going to get your teacher’s attention. Having a really interesting topic will allow your paper to stand out. Papers that stand out get better grades. The goal is to get a great grade so here are some topics that are sure to set you apart from the crowd.

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  1. Is racial profiling moral?
  2. Should marijuana be legalized for public use?What are the most important business ethics?
  3. Is doctor assisted suicides moral?
  4. Is the death penalty moral?
  5. Should women freeze their eggs?
  6. Should we transplant a uterus to give a mother a chance to carry her own baby?
  7. Is it moral to quarantine Ebola victims?
  8. Is bidding for your healthcare provider safe?
  9. Is it an invasion of privacy if your gynecologist displays the pictures of the babies she has delivered?
  10. Why did the Americans diagnosed with Ebola get a treatment when others didn’t?
  11. Should killers be allowed to publish their books?
  12. Is it ethical to allow a divorcee to use an embryo?
  13. Should medical equipment be recycled?
  14. Should organ donation upon death be mandatory?
  15. If you work for an employer that doesn’t believe in the use of contraception, should they have to pay for it?
  16. With all of the advances in medicine where you can tell if your child has undesirable traits, is it moral to shop around for the best egg?
  17. Should kids have to have a flu shot?
  18. Should you allow a father to keep a brain-dead mother alive to incubate the fetus?
  19. Would it be okay to accept an organ from an executed felon?

Be sure to be respectful when dealing with some of these issues because some of them are pretty touchy subjects that can easily hurt someone severely. The idea is to present the information and not to bash the other side’s view. Decide what side you want to take and prove to your reader why you are right. Be sure to write a thesis and support it with at least three reasons.

When you are writing about one of these exciting topics, make sure that you consider all different possibilities to make the best decision.

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