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The 40 Best Expository Essay Topics For College Students

An expository essay aims to present some information on a topic for the purpose of explaining it to your audience. You will want to present your information on a topic that you find interesting. You need to present the information to your audience so that they can consider you an expert in the field that you are writing about. The reader should be able to fully understand the topic no matter what their educational background is so if you are writing about a technical topic, you will have to make sure that you write it in general terms that anyone can understand. Coming up with a good topic is one of the hardest parts. Here are some great suggestions on the topics that you can use to write this paper.

  1. What is genocide?
  2. What are the stages of development?
  3. Why do we forget things?
  4. How do memories work?
  5. What does an IQ test prove?
  6. What is altruism?
  7. Explain heroism
  8. What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
  9. How can you become a writer?
  10. What is cognitive behavioral therapy?
  11. Explain how a computer works
  12. Explain how to get financial aid
  13. How do leaders gain power?
  14. How is a child affected when they have ADHD?
  15. What is nanotechnology?
  16. What is bioengineering?
  17. Man-like robots
  18. Brain development
  19. How does Wi-Fi work?
  20. What is fusion energy?
  21. What is autism?
  22. What is an allergic reaction?
  23. What affects do diseases have on the human brain?
  24. What are the causes of obesity?
  25. What is the black hole?
  26. Why is it important to budget?
  27. How has social media helped businesses?
  28. How does a car run off of solar power?
  29. How can you get medical treatment if you have no insurance?
  30. How are children affected by a single parent household?
  31. How are phone apps developed?
  32. Where can companies find help with SEO optimization?
  33. What makes a movie a big hit?
  34. How can a drug addiction affect a person’s family?
  35. How can someone get good grades in school?
  36. How do you choose the right college?
  37. How do you get a scholarship?
  38. How to successfully write a college paper?
  39. How to study for a final?
  40. What electives should you choose in college?

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