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Crafting A Top Quality Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage

Essays come in different forms depending on the content they carry or the purpose for which they are written for. Argumentative essays are written in the form of a debate. In this type of essay, the writer presents two sides of a topic and discusses them to length and in the end takes a stand in his argument. Argumentative papers take the same format of writing as all other essays; introduction, content and conclusion. In case you choose to write an argumentative essay on gay marriages, this is the way in which to write it;


This is the first paragraph in your paper. In this section you need to define the term gay marriage and the two sides from which you will argue. This is one the most important parts of the essay so be careful to capture the reader’s attention and make sure you don’t drive away the reader by giving out the side in which you lean on. This is to avoid making the reader grow indifferent to what you have to say. Therefore, keep it casual to keep the reader going on.


This is the biggest part of your paper. In this section you need to carefully substantiate your both sides of the argument. There are some things in this section that are crucial to look out for;

  • Emotional language- avoid being too emotional in your argument. This will definitely deflect your tone. You need to maintain a casual argumentative tone. No matter how good you feel your points are, maintain the same tone to the end.
  • Be factual- all through your argument, make sure that all the topics you choose to prove your point are true and not just made up. You never know if your reader might be educated in your points, so be careful not to be a liar in your work.
  • Cite relevant sources- where possible, present your sources as proof to your points.
  • Lastly, avoid being too long in your explanations as might repeat yourself often. Try as well to provide an equal number of points for both sides.


This is the last paragraph of your paper. In this section you finalize your work by taking your side on the gay marriage issue. You need to state a substantial reason as to why you support it or reject it. State how your side outweighs the other side. Always remember to link your conclusion with the points you have stated in your content part of the essay.

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