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How To Write An Argumentative Essay Introduction- Guidelines And Examples

One of the most popular essay styles that you may be asked to write is an argumentative essay. The main reason why is because they want you to work on your skills to win an argument. You have to present your facts to prove your stand on a topic. The best topics to choose from would be on topics that are controversial. Controversial topics are ones that have as many people supporting the issue as those that oppose the issues.

The key part of any essay and especially an argumentative essay is the introduction. It is designed to present your topic to your audience. You will also be able to present the thesis statement which is the main point of the article. It will present your stand on the topic and discuss at least three reasons why to support it. Here are some guidelines and information on where to find some solid examples that can help you write the best possible introduction for your argumentative essay.


  • One of the main requirements of an introduction is some background information on the subject. You have to be able to explain the subject in its entirety, as if the reader has no prior knowledge on the subject. You will see that this is a harder task because you have to assume that your reader knows nothing even though most people may know about it.
  • Present the definitions to any terms that you may find that relate specifically to the topic. Industry or topic related terms should be defined.
  • Include your thesis statement in the introduction to explain what the paper is about. You can do this as your last sentence so that it can also act as a transition to your first supporting topic.
Locating examples

One of the best places to find example introductions that will help you learn how to write the best possible introduction to your topic is from some of the published sources that you may use to provide proof for your topics. You can read through some samples to see how these authors presented their information.

Another great place to find an example is on a professional writing sites. These sites are designed to sell their writing to students and they use sample essays to promote their skills. Check out some of the samples on these sites to see how to write yours.

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