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Choosing A Unique Topic For Your Cause And Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a very interesting type of academic papers. It requires the author to create logical chains and connect different subjects, events, processes, etc. to each other. The key element of a good cause and effect paper is its topic. If you cannot choose an interesting subject to write about, the list of suggestions below might help you.

  1. The effect of the divorce of parents on the dating relationships of the children.

  2. The reasons that caused the increase of the international adoption in the U.S.

  3. The effect of not finishing a prescription medication on your future health.

  4. The reasons that caused a particular video game to become very popular.

  5. The effect of anti-bullying programs at schools on the actual bullies and other students.

  6. The reasons that caused the drug wars in Columbia.

  7. The effect of social networks on relationships between family members.

  8. The reasons that still make men earn more money than women.

  9. The effect of birth controls on ordinary women.

  10. The reasons that cause cyber bullying and other types of a bad behavior on the Internet.

  11. The positive and negative effects of making students wear uniforms.

  12. The reasons that caused North Korea to increase its militancy.

  13. The effect of having a twin brother or sister.

  14. The reasons that cause a great number of people to become homeless.

  15. The effect of exercising on the human body.

These sample topics should give you a basic understanding of what you may write your cause and effect essay about.

There are several tips to choose a great topic for your paper:

  • Choose something interesting.
  • You should be interested in researching your topic. If a subject is boring to you, it’s likely that you’ll write your paper without enthusiasm. Your indifference will be visible through your writing. This won’t earn you any extra points.

  • Choose something researchable.
  • Make sure that your topic can be adequately investigated. If you cannot make a direct connection between the causes and effects that you’re discussing, you won’t be able to convey a strong message to the reader.

  • Choose something educational.
  • Your topic should be not only interesting to you but also useful for other students to learn about. If your essay doesn’t have a greater meaning, there is no real sense in writing it.

Now that you’ve read these tips, you’ll definitely be able to come up with a few original ideas for your essay.

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