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Great Advice On How To Create A Winning Scholarship Essay Title

Again, first impressions mean everything. Believe it or not, the title of your essay will is directly related to how successful your essay is. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest article ever written, if you don’t have a great title, it may never get read. Remember, the title is what your reader will see first. It is usually larger than the rest of your article and it is on top of the page. Make your reader get excited about what they are about to read with an eye-catching title. Before you hand it your essay, ask yourself if the title would make you want to read on. If it doesn’t, fix it until it does. There are some definite things you can do to make your title more interesting so your reader will want to read what is under it.

  • Numbers work great – It is not known why but readers love to read articles that have numbers in the title. It may because when you see a number, you know some concrete information is coming that would be of interest. Any time you can and, of course, if it is relevant use numbers. Ex: 12 ways to write a great essay.

  • Use interesting adjectives – Descriptive words or adjectives will suck your audience right into reading your work. Any words you can use to entice your reader to take a second look will usually result in them reading the article. Anything that may suggest that a person is getting something for nothing or making their life easier is sure to get them to read further. Some examples of great adjectives are: effortless, incredible, fun, free, strange.

  • Unique and interesting objectives – Your title must give your reader an idea of what the article is about, but it is up to you to draw them in. People love to learn new and unusual tidbits so think about that when you are creating your title. Please don’t ever use the word THINGS in your title. Some examples of good keywords may be: reasons, tricks, secrets, lessons

  • Using What, When, Why or How in the title will usually cause your reader to continue on. It is recommended that you either use numbers or these words but not both in your title.

An example of how these suggestions work would be this: How to give your cat a bath can be the title of your essay or if you use the above suggestions you can change your title to: 5 effortless ways to bathe your cat without getting scratched. The second example will definitely get more reader’s attention. Try them out for yourself and see what happens.

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