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General Instructions For Writing A Persuasive Essay About Littering

The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince a reader on a particular focus or idea, especially one that you have a strong believe in. You can base a persuasive essay on almost anything that you have a strong opinion on. One good topic that you can take for your persuasive essay is on littering. The greatness of your persuasive essay will depend on the evidence that you have.

Preparation for your essay

If you are told by your tutor to write a persuasive essay on littering, you will need to start by reading the prompt in a careful and thoughtful manner. Be sure to look at the language that offers you an idea of the approach that you are likely to take on the persuasive essay. For instance, an essay where the instructions tell you to ‘defend” will be different from another where you are told to give a personal observation. Do not rush to write the essay as you will not be able to persuade. Take time to brainstorm a topic, write and proofread your essay.

Consider your audience

Your audience is a good factor to consider when writing a persuasive essay. Therefore, consider who you are targeting when writing the essay. Of course the first person is your instructor. But also think of other people who might read the essay.

Create a thesis statement

The goal of the thesis statement will be to provide an argument or opinion in a clear way. This should be placed immediately after the introduction. When writing this kind of essay, you will need to use a clear language when presenting your argument.

Brainstorm the evidence

Before you begin to write, you will need to prepare as much as you can. Consider why you have that opinion and the compelling evidence you have. You will also need to research on the essay before you can start writing

The structure

Ensure that your essay is divided into 3 parts; introduction, body and conclusion. Use the introduction to grab the attention of your readers. Include a thesis statement as part of the introduction giving a short summary of your argument.

The body of the persuasive essay should have a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Ensure that each paragraph covers one point relating to the argument on littering. Use the body to justify your opinions and provide evidence. Also ensure that your persuasive essay has a conclusion. Proofread the work.

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