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A Quick Tutorial On Selecting Opinion Essay Topics For 5th Graders

By the 5th grade, the writers are becoming mature. They may have written a descriptive piece, possibly a persuasive composition, and now they are ready for an opinion piece. All 5th graders have opinions, but they will need to be taught how to express their opinion in written form. They also need to know how to support their thoughts with valid sources. As you work on this paper, use our quick tutorial on selecting essay topics for 5th graders.

Tips and Tutorial

  • Start slow-begin by reading sample papers. The more you can read and dissect with the student, the clearer the assignment will become.

  • Next move to how to support thoughts. Use some basic but educational databases and show them how to find a source to bolster a thought. You should do as many of these exercises as possible.

  • Then you will need to go back and show the students what an in test citation should look like. Start with the MLA format because it is the easiest to master first.

  • Now it is time to have a few lessons in outlining. Use a sentence form, as it is easiest, and practice while using the kids’ history book. The history book is a great outline tool, as it has sections and subsections just like a standard outline. I would do a minimum of five different outlines. Then I would have the kids make one of the outlines and write a paper from it. They need to know how to move information from an outline to a composition.

  • You are going to want to write many rough drafts. I begin with the introduction. I like an easy topic like, “The Best NFL Team is the Carolina Panthers.” After the introduction, I move to writing body paragraphs. I also throw in a transition lesson at this point. They need to know what a transition is and how to use it. The conclusion is the last practice piece. These rough drafts are a very important part of the process.

  • You will then need to do several Works Cited production exercises. If your school uses an electronic citation tool app, this will help the process.

  • Do not rush this assignment. It should take a month at the minimum if you want to teach them how to do this properly. Take your time.

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