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Writing A Powerful Problem Solution Essay On Homelessness

No other essay tests your critical thinking skills as the problem solution essay. In fact, not only is it an integral part of school curriculums, but also colleges’ first choice for admission essays. The problem essay depicts how well you know a topic (or social issue), and how creatively you can think to come up with a good solution to solve it.

Is homelessness a problem?

Yes. Homelessness is one of the examples of the social and financial disparity in the country’s economy. It is the stark reminder of the fact that the society is divided into classes according to how much they can afford. While some live in mansions, others are often turned away from shelters even in times of need.

What is more is that in a country as large as America, it is hard to think of homelessness as one, single dimensional problem? There are various facets attached to it, and all have to be ameliorated in order to present a sound solution to homelessness.

So, which of these facets can you look at when writing a solution to homelessness?

  1. Consider each state individually: No two states in the country are alike. Each has its own set of rules, separate funding, and diverse issues. When writing about homelessness as a problem in one state, you need to consider it about that particular places’ own set of issues, funds, and views. What are the main causes of homelessness in the state? How many people are homeless in the state? Has the number increased or decreased from the past? What is the state doing to help homeless people, and so on?

  2. Read about the laws and measures: To think of a solution to a problem, you need to know the same as the back of your hand. Pick up the textbook for laws and measures regarding homelessness and read about what the government is doing to help homeless people? Do you think something more can be done? Do you think an ineffective measure is taking too much money? Include those in your solutions.

  3. Analyze past measures: Take a look at what the government did in the past, and whether the measure was successful. If yes, why was it successful? If not, why was it not successful? These are key to devising new solutions to homelessness.

Writing about social issues is never about sitting in a room. To write a good essay, go out, and talk to people about homelessness. Is there a particular stand you want to take? Do so. Work hard, so your essay reflects your dedication.

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