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Where To Download Essays On Human Rights For Free

The doctrine of human rights addresses moral principles and norms that define standards for acceptable human behavior. The sets standards are protected under international and national law as fundamental rights that must be enjoyed by humanity regardless of one’s race, nation, ethnic background, religion, gender or status in society.

Human right is a very wide area that touches almost everything that relates to human life and dignity. In summary, human right touches on political and social-economic issues. The fact that human right has a relationship with other disciplines makes it necessary for both learners and citizens to access human rights essays relevant to their areas of study or engagement and there are different institutions that offer such papers that can be downloaded for free.

  • Human rights organizations – There are simply many human rights organizations across the world including United Nations agencies established with the aim of promoting rights of citizens in different parts of the world. Some of these organizations have a heavy presence online from where they make available different human rights documents including downloadable essays for free.
  • Human rights research organizations – Gross violations of human rights in different parts of the world over the years necessitated the need for establishment of dedicated human rights research organizations tasked with the responsibility of investigation such violations with the aim of getting perpetrators to account for their actions. These organizations make available a good number of reports and essays on human right violations, reports and essays that can be downloaded for free from their websites.
  • Non-governmental organizations – There are independent non-governmental organizations that work closely with different communities whose rights are violated in one way or another. These organizations do not only work to alleviate the suffering that such communities go through but go the extra mile to document extent of human right violations in form or reports and essays that they make available for free download.
  • Human rights treaty bodies – A good number of human treaties have been signed between committees specializing in one specific area of human rights with governments across the world. In addition to their core mandate, these committees also make available reports and papers on specific human right violations for free download.
  • Civil societies – The role of civil societies in different countries across the world cannot be underestimated. Indeed it is some of civil society organizations that have brought to light some of the worst human right violations in different countries around the world. Some have dedicated websites through which they make available reports and papers for free download.

All the reports and papers made available by all these organizations have gone a long way in informing debates and enacted legislations relating to human rights in different countries. Such reports and essays provide valuable information that can benefit everyone.

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