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Citing Sources In An Essay On Art History: Basic Rules To Keep In Mind

There are some basic rules that you must keep in your mind behind citing sources. Citing sources is not a very easy job. You have to be very careful when citing a source. Here are the rules.

There are several well established rules for citing sources, they are given below

  • Please choose in which format you want to cite. There are actually two formats for citing namely the MLA style and the APA style. You have to make sure that in which format you are going to cite. This is important because MLA and APA style are different from each other from several respects. You should also keep in mind the guidelines of the assignments that have been given to you by your teacher.
  • Original sources are very important. If your source is not an original one, then you may be in trouble.
  • Authentic sources are very important for the citation. When you are writing an academic paper, then you have to be very much careful about it. You must not forget it that an unauthentic citation can lead you a low credit feedback.
  • You can follow the styles of already published and successful work. This is a very easy and effective way to improve your citation. But if you follow someone, then you will follow his or her mistakes or oddities. This is not necessary. Check and recheck the citation sample you are following with rules you know.
  • Taking help from your seniors is also an effective way. There is no harm in it. Many of them are very much attentive and will love to help you. So don’t forget to take help from the other knowledgeable people and your citation will be flawless.
  • The rule of citation says that you can mention the name of the sources from which you have taken direct quotation. But it is obviously not that you will only cite those names. You can even cite the name of the sources that may be helpful to understand your writing. So, you can understand the best area of this subject.

So, the above suggestions are meant for your flawless citation. But to make it really flawless, you have to check and recheck your citation. This editing can be very helpful. You can be sure that in this kind of writing, anything will not be ignored.

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