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A List Of Exciting Topics For Process Analysis Essays

A process analysis essay sounds intimidating but it is easier than you would initially believe. It is basically an instruction manual that expresses the importance of each step instead of just a list of the steps involved. You want to explain the steps in a chronological order. It should also include information on why the step is important and define any terms that are specific to your topic as well. These are the three key goals of this type of essay.

  1. How to lose weight
  2. How to organize your closet
  3. How to plant a flower bed
  4. How to keep cool in the summer
  5. How to create your own party favors
  6. How to set a table
  7. How to find the best roommate
  8. How to strengthen a marriage
  9. How to make friends
  10. How pasta is made
  11. How your teacher creates tests
  12. How to apply make-up
  13. How to write a speech
  14. How to cut your own hair
  15. How to create a Twitter account
  16. How to set up your tablet
  17. How to get the best car insurance
  18. How to download music from the computer
  19. How to quit smoking
  20. How to report an accident
  21. How to file a police report
  22. How to download songs from the internet
  23. How to choose a career path
  24. How a cell phone works
  25. How a stove works

Once you have chosen your topic, you should start jotting down the steps that you want to discuss. Create a list of the steps so that when you start to write each section, you can see if the next step makes sense or if you should add one. You can also jot down some things that you would like to discuss in your introduction. You will have to discuss the importance of being able to accomplish the task that you are talking about.

You do not have to use any certain format or style for this paper. It is a less formal type of paper than the other papers that you will write. You do have to include information on why you would perform the tasks as well as telling them how to do it. That way you are analyzing the process and seeing why each step is done in that order.

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