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A Manual For Choosing College Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is meant to support a certain point and to bring arguments in its favor. In general, students love this kind of essays because they have the chance to express their creativity and to share their passions with their class and teachers. Even though it seems so easy, you need to be very careful what kind of arguments you use, because they need to be valid and verified. This short manual will explain the things in detail. Before doing anything else in your essay, you need to choose the topic. You have a variety of subjects that you can analyze, but it’s the best if you pick an issue that you feel passionate about. It will be a notable difference because you will write in an engaging way, and you already have some knowledge about this. When you enjoy writing, the others will enjoy reading your compositions.

  • Think outside the box. Even if the matter that you pick is common, present it from a new and interesting perspective. There is no point to convince anyone that the sky is blue. The main idea of your paper needs to be useful for your classmates and actually to prove a point, not just discuss a common habit.
  • Use valid arguments. You can introduce your opinion at the end of the paper, but the arguments that you bring need to be valid. The fact that you don’t like something is not good enough. The more data and information you use, the more your teacher will appreciate your work. When you bring an argument that is debatable, make sure you support it with highly documented sources and official information. The more research you do, the better.
  • Take care for different opinions. If your topic is related to religion, social habits or politics almost every one of your readers will have a different opinion. That is why you need to be firm in your arguments, but never offensive. When you discuss a different point of view, do not present it as wrong or bad, as this can make you look intolerant. Remember that the whole purpose of this paper is to support an idea, not to combat other people. Use expressions as neutral as possible, and if you have negative feelings towards a specific idea, it is better to not use it at all in your essay.

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