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How To Write A Good Admission Essay – Essential Advice

Your college admissions essay may be the one of the most stressful papers that you will ever write—it is easy to feel like it determines your whole future. But while it is true that there is a lot hanging in the mix with this particular paper, there are lots of different ways to write a good one. In other words, good college admissions essays don't all look the same.

Follow this simple advice to learn how to write the best college admissions paper to fit you and your personality.

  • Be creative
  • The most important thing to remember when writing a college admissions paper is that the admissions staff will be reading thousands and thousands of them. So it is important that you make yours stand out, be unique, and be creative. That isn’t to say that you should go way over the top and make it too wacky. Rather, you should just take care to make sure that it isn’t too generic and boring.

  • Be genuine
  • Your writing is one of the only chances you get during the admissions process to show them who you really are. Therefore, you should try to make your paper as genuine as possible. Don’t be afraid to show a little vulnerability or a little sentiment in it. This will make you more relatable to the reader, and make you seem more like a real person than just a list of facts on paper.

  • Don’t try to hard
  • One of the most common mistakes students make is to try too hard. Yes, you should try to be impressive, but the readers will be able to tell pretty easily if you are overplaying your hand and trying too hard.

  • Show your strengths
  • It isn’t enough to just show the admissions staff that you are an interesting person, you should also try to show them your strengths. It is also a good idea to show them that you have a diversity of strengths, not just in one area like academics or sports. Show them that you are a well rounded person.

  • Apply it back to the college
  • You should also make sure that whatever you decide to talk about in your writing, you relate it back to the college. Are you giving an example of how you are a hard worker? Be sure to come out and say you will work hard while studying at their university and as an alumni out in the world.

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