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The Top 10 Promising Topics For Your Next Essay

One of the most challenging steps of writing an essay is selecting a topic. The problem is not caused by a lack of topics, but from having too many that it is difficult to choose. There are so many topics that students are interested in learning about, so they fail to choose just one. Instead of visiting a website with thousands of topic choices, it is better to visit a site with just a few. Here are ten promising topic topics that you can use to write your next essay:

  1. Who was the protagonist (or antagonist)? This topic is always appropriate for an essay on any type of story. You can make it amazing by looking for the qualities of a protagonist or antagonist and showing how the characters have those qualities.

  2. How will this development affect society in the future? This topic could be used for any science or social science course. There are constantly new developments/inventions/discoveries being made and people are always speculating how they will affect society. Now is your chance to predict the future.

  3. How did the event affect society? This works for many courses as you look back on a past event.

  4. Who is the best in his/her field? You can customize this for any person who you consider to be tops in any field - from sports to medicine, entertainment to environmental science.

  5. What should or should not be taught in schools? This works well will controversial topics and it is argumentative.

  6. Teach someone how to do something. If there is something you are good at, you can write an essay about it.

  7. Compare a book to the movie made of it. This is always a viable topic, especially now that so many books are turned into movies. You can share the strengths and weaknesses, what was missing and what should have been excluded, and more.

  8. Tell a story. Narrative essays are fun to read. Pick an eventful moment in your life and tell the story along with what you learned. Use your honest voice for the best effect.

  9. Pick your favorite quote and tell how it applies to your life. You could pick wise words from wise people, song lyrics, lines from movies, or proverbs. This can be a fun essay to write because you get to look at your life through a very particular lens.

  10. Argue your favorite controversial topic. Make it even more fun for yourself and argue the side that you do not believe is correct - by try to prove that it is.

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