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A Quick Guide To Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay From The 3rd Person

There are many students that will tell you that one of the most challenging essay formats to use is the compare and contrast. This is because most of the times, the fact that the essay’s emphasis is putting two objects side by side makes it repetitive and even unpleasant to read. However, there are tips that can help you avoid creating a boring paper and getting low marks.

Creating a good thesis/introduction

The first thing to note about these essays is that they have a wide scope. They need you to give similarities between two objects, and then the differences. In your introduction or thesis statement on the essays, you need to clearly describe the two objects and then state that the aim of the paper is to show the similarities and differences.

Choosing the format to use

There are several formats that are allowed to be used in compare and contrast essays. These include:

  • The block method

  • The point by point format

  • Comparisons followed by contrasts

When you have chosen the format you find most comfortable to work with, make sure that you follow it to the end of the paper. Mixing up the formats may end up confusing the readers and aspects of the content may be lost in the confusion.

Using the right connectors in your paragraphs

The way you connect ideas in your paper will help the reader to know whether you are introducing a similarity or a difference. It is therefore important to learn connectors that indicate similarity and those that signal differences.

  • Similarity connectors: these include words such as similarly, likewise, same as, at the same time, just as and correspondingly among others.

  • Connectors that show differences: these include however, conversely, meanwhile, on the contrary, on the other hand and in contrast among others.

Note that using the wrong connector negatively affects the overall meaning of the sentences.

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