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A List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

If you cannot some up with an original and interesting topic for a compare and contrast essay, the following list of ideas will definitely inspire you:

  1. My best friend vs. my archenemy.
  2. You will be able to make this paper more interesting by including some stories about both your best friend and the archenemy. Be sure to explain how you managed to gain the latter as this kind of relationship isn’t common.

  3. Which is more important: Celebrity influence or parental influence?
  4. Many psychologists claim that it’s imperative to have a role model and that the celebrities are the best option you can choose from when it comes to deciding on who to emulate to a certain extent.

    Offer your ideas on the matter and don’t forget to mention that people rarely know what kinds of people celebrities truly are.

  5. Is it fear or terror?
  6. These two terms are very similar, so you need to highlight their differences and point them out through various vivid examples.

  7. Is the education people receive through online classes less valuable than the knowledge obtained in a traditional school?
  8. Explain why online classes are getting more popular and what changes are made to improve this method of education.

  9. Rich and famous.
  10. Would you rather be rich or famous? Are those two states always interdependent? Offer some examples from real life.

  11. Policies of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
  12. Analyze the goals and methods of both these politicians and highlight the similarities between them. Why their fates were so different?

  13. Bulimia or anorexia.
  14. Explain what both these conditions are and try to determine which is more dangerous and which is easier to treat.

  15. What is safer: condoms or birth control pills?
  16. Research the statistics to determine which birth control tool works better. Consider the cases of allergies to latex and hormonal disorders to understand what contraception method is really safer for you.

  17. Autism vs. ADHD.
  18. Describe the symptoms, causes and treatment methods for each of the conditions. Which is more dangerous? How does having a child diagnosed with these problems affect the family?

  19. Cyborgs vs. mutants.
  20. Hypothesize on how the future humankind will look like. Would you rather people developed the methods of creating cyborgs or mutated? Explain your position and provide some evidence that proves your point of view.

  21. Similarities between the Bible and the Quran.
  22. These major religious books may seem to be opposing each other, but are they really so different?

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