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A List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For 7th Graders

Are you looking for an interesting topic for your 7th grade persuasive essay? Well, you’re in luck! Have a look at this great list of topics for you to choose from.

  1. Free tertiary education
  2. Tertiary education, like college or university, is extremely expensive. This means that many people never get to reach their full potential, simply because they are too poor. Do you think that the government should provide free tertiary education to all students?

  3. Euthanizing pets that have harmed people
  4. Sadly, the news carries stories about people being harmed by animals all too often. Should these animals that have seriously injured people be euthanized?

  5. Booster seat laws
  6. Tragically, there are countless accidents every day in which small children are seriously injured or even killed. While some of these children are in booster seats, many are not. Should a law be passed that forces people to put small children in booster seats in their cars?

  7. Alcohol advertising on the TV
  8. There’s little doubt that alcohol can be a dangerous, addictive drug if used incorrectly. Some people argue that advertising alcohol on TV fuels alcohol abuse, especially in teenagers and young adults. Should alcohol advertising on TV be completely banned?

  9. Teaching etiquette in school
  10. Etiquette is a code of behaviour that people are expected to follow in society. It basically encompasses the social norms of a particular society. Should etiquette be taught at schools?

  11. Banning books
  12. Somewhat surprisingly, some books are still banned in certain countries. Should governments ever be allowed to ban books?

  13. Expelling bullies
  14. Bullying is an enormous problem, and unfortunately schools don’t always have effective methods of dealing with bullies. Should schools be allowed to simply expel bullies?

  15. Disaster survival plans
  16. Disasters happen around the world every day, and many people are caught unprepared. Should every household be forced to have a disaster survival plan?

  17. Safety should be given higher priority than privacy
  18. While we all want to be safe, we also all want our privacy. However, sometimes our privacy may need to be sacrificed for our own safety. Should people be forced to give up some privacy for safety?

  19. Teaching handwriting in school
  20. With the advent of modern technology, handwriting seems to be becoming a less and less important skill to have. However, learning to write neatly does have important consequences, such as improving fine motor coordination. Should handwriting still be taught in schools?

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