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A Few Words On How To Complete Your Essay On Free Will Successfully

Teachers love to assign essays on abstract concepts like free will, freedom of speech or destiny. Although these are common essay topics, they are not the easiest papers to write. Students who need help on writing a paper on free will can use some of the following ideas to get started.

  • Get Specific
  • The basic goal of the essay is to write about a specific aspect of free will. Students should consider how this phrase is understood through different academic lenses. The philosophical meaning of the phrase is different than how it is used in literature. Instead of trying to write a dictionary-like definition of the concept, students should find a thesis that looks through this idea through a particular subject.

  • Use Real World Examples
  • Psychologists love to research and study different aspects of human behavior. Over the past few decades, they have done increasing amounts of research on the topic of free will. Instead of writing a boring, run-of-the-mill assignment, students can write about some of the experiments conducted about free will. Clinical studies on animals and behavioral experiments could all be an excellent starting place for a strong essay.

  • Try a Philosophical Approach
  • Before writing a paper on the topic, students should find out if it actually exists. According to some philosophers, the freedom to choose does not actually exist. Different schools of though like determinists and the modern libertarians have unique views on how free will is actually viewed. Using sociology and psychology, someone could make the argument that free will does not actually exist. Everyone is governed by the genetics that they were born with and the life events that they encounter during their years on this earth. Each factor determines who they are and the type of choices that they make. In this regard, it could be stated that no one actually chooses a course of action on their own.

  • Religious Perspectives
  • Outside of philosophy, religion has a lot to say about this subject. According to the Bible, God gave man the ability to choose between good and evil after throwing man out of the Garden of Eden. Islam, Judaism and Christianity share this story in common. Comparing how different religions interpret the story or implement it could be an extremely creative paper. Other religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism and Hinduism have unique interpretations of free will. A study of these beliefs in a particular culture or religion is always an engaging paper topic.

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