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10 Secret Keys For Writing A Successful Synthesis Essay

Writing a successful synthesis essay depends on a lot of things – you need to set aside plenty of time, you need to choose a great topic, you need to exercise great writing skills and more. We’ve made a list of the 10 secret keys you absolutely need to know to compose a winning assignment:

  • Develop a Writing Plan
  • The first step in successful writing is to create a plan that takes you through all the required steps to produce a high quality piece over a number of specific tasks. You’ll organize your project into several manageable tasks and have an easier time completing your work.

  • Select an Original Topic
  • The most interesting papers are those that discuss something new. Consider several topics and make sure that your best ideas haven’t been written about over and over again. Perhaps you can take a different perspective or approach.

  • Conduct Research
  • Start your research early. Look for resources credible resources from academic or government sources. It’s okay to use online resources as long as you check that it comes from a reputable agency.

  • Brainstorm Ideas, Draft a Thesis
  • After your research you should have enough content to further develop your argument in a well-thought, organized thesis statement. You may need to change your thesis later along the way, but this draft version will help you stay focused.

  • Create a Draft Outline
  • Before you get down to writing a first draft of your synthesis essay create a draft outline to help organize your arguments into an order that is logical and efficient. An outline will also keep you on track throughout the composition process.

  • Write a First Draft
  • Take your outline and allow it to guide your flow of ideas in a rough, first draft. The best practice is to write this draft as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This will help you get all of your thoughts down without missing a beat.

  • Update Your Outline
  • Set your first draft aside for a few hours then read it over a single time. Think about how you can improve your argument by rearranging your discussion points. Next revise your outline to reflect this new approach.

  • Revise Your First Draft
  • Take your revised outline and write a second revised version of your entire paper. At this point you need to think critically about improving your work by moving, removing or adding content.

  • Get Expert Review Help
  • Another secret key for writing a great paper is finding an expert review service that can read your work, and make corrections and suggestions for improvement. Visit this service for quality review by a trustworthy company.

  • Make Final Edits and Proofread
  • Lastly, take whatever suggestions were made by the professionals and make your corrections. Take note of the recommendations your receive to help you with your next synthesis essay assignment.

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