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10 Must-Know Rules For Writing An Argumentative Essay

You should realise that an argumentative paper can change the minds of the readers regarding a particular topic. It provides them with an in-depth yet brief understanding of your position and it is your responsibility to convince them that it is the valid one. People feel very strongly about their beliefs and so it can be quite challenging writing a paper that states otherwise. However, there are a few rules that you need to follow when you strive to write a good argumentative essay.

Methods for Writing Argumentative Essay

  • You should first become oriented by choosing a topic that most people hold strong opinions about. Irrespective of whether you disagree or agree with the subject, you need to think of points for both sides. Make a list of pros and cons for each side and then consider how readers feel about each stance. You should choose whichever side contains the most promising details. This involves changing your own viewpoint along with your primary idea as you continue to discover new facts you did not know and then approach the subject with an open mind. Keep your target audience in mind at all times. Consider their beliefs and then get ready to discuss some of the vital points that would make an interesting conversation topic.

  • When both sides have been taken into consideration along with the thoughts of the readers, you should pick your own side. Present yourself in the right and arm yourself to defend against the naysayers. This requires moderate amounts of research on the particular subject.

  • You have to ensure that there is sufficient amount of verified data for supporting your position.

  • Your readers will believe only those reports, facts and statistics that have been verified and the ones they think they can trust.

  • You need to study the contrasting side equally well. This will help you defend your position against any surprising facts that did not show up in your finished paper.

  • It is important that you remain well aware about the discussion topic. Every issue consists of various dimensions such as economic aspects, social impact etc. and you need to consider all of them.

  • Clarity is important. When you focus on a particular point, explore it in depth.

  • Try to anticipate major objections and then prepare yourself to defend against them.

  • Make a note of the points regarding the subject where there seems to be common ground. This can help you strengthen your argument.
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