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A List Of Captivating Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

Whenever you have a paper to write, it is important that you know how to present it in a reasonable manner, so that you can score good points when the results come back. It would be preposterous for you to start writing any paper without thinking it through, because this is in fact the easiest way for you to lose marks.

Given the prospect of writing a persuasive paper for high school, it is also a brilliant idea to think hard about the topics that you want to present. This way, you will manage to impress the teacher not just with the work you do, but also with the careful choice of title you present for the task.

In order to help you out, the following is a good list of paper titles that you can consider working with the next time you are writing your own paper:

  • Discuss whether elementary school students are supposed to be allowed the use of smartphones in school

  • Uniforms are usually a mandate of the school for different reasons. Provide some reasons why you believe uniforms should be abolished, and what this would help achieve

  • Institutions normally have students playing in sports up to certain high levels. Discuss the prospect of schools offering these students payment among other benefits

  • Do you believe state colleges should be made free for everyone to attend?

  • Discuss some of the challenges that the educational system is facing with the onset of free education

  • Discuss the importance of having people complete at last a year of community service in the country

  • There have been proponents of the notion that the age for drinking is supposed to be raised. Discuss citing relevant reasons to support your statement

  • Explain the importance of allowing immigrants in the country the ability to get their own driving licenses

  • Countries closer to the Syrian border should have hosted more refugees than they did. Discuss, citing relevant reasons

  • Countries that trade in or sell arms to the warring nations are supposed to take more blame for the violence in the first place, and follow it up by hosting their refugees when things spill out of control. Discuss.

  • Before students are allowed to graduate from high school, it is important that they administer a basic skills test for them to do, so that they can be considered fit. Discuss.

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