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Solid Advice On How To Write A 5-Paragraph Cause And Effect Essay

The pattern of cause and effect essay writings is mostly misunderstood by most of the writers. One of the common blunders committed by them is that they critically examine both the aspects. However, the instructor who is assessing their essay wants to look at the topic from the student’s perspective. According to the instructor, the other viewpoint should be simply discussed in short. The basic reason of writing a cause and effect essay is that the subject needs to be discussed in depth via examples defending the thesis, offering and developing strong arguments justifying the writer’s position.

Check out some tips while writing a solid 5 paragraph cause and effect essay -

Basically, any cause and effect essay is categorized in following 5 paragraphs-

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 1
  3. Body II
  4. Body III
  5. Conclusion

1st paragraph: Introduction: In this part, an interesting beginning is created that describes the topic in reference to causes and effects. Cause and effects are a common way to discuss the significance of topic. Differentiate between both the aspects and determine the reasons why it happened? What are its impacts? etc.

2nd Paragraph: Body 1: Decide the thesis statement or the “Cause” or “Effect” statement: At this point you need to decide which part you will be focussing more, “Cause” or “Effect” and thereby develop your statement.

3rd paragraph: Body II: Discuss the various causes and their impacts one by one: Organise your material well and support them with relevant details. Back up your statement in an organised format in following 3 orders-

  • Chronological: The order in which the events have occurred.
  • Order of significance: State most important details first and subsequently the incidences of lesser importance.
  • Categorical: Categorise the topic in various parts and then discuss. As you move ahead use appropriate transitions for next paragraph.

4th paragraph: Body III: For causes use terms like because, due to, on cause of , etc and for effects use terms consequently, as a result of this , thus, subsequently, therefore etc. Use particulars and fine points in your defence. Though you can employ your own imagination but solid evidences describe the details best stating the points incredibly. You have to be logical and show rationality keeping your essay focused.

5th paragraph: Conclusion: This is the time you should reiterate the significant points in reference of introduction. The 3 paragraphs of the body are just the supporters which derive the conclusion at the end of the paragraph. Never introduce any novel idea or thing or example here and bring the discussion to the home.

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