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A List Of Descriptive Essay Topics For High School Students

Descriptive essays may be the most basic form of essay in existence and is often requested of students at all levels. The main purpose of it is to stimulate the senses of the reader by conveying imagery or sounds, smells, feelings and various other aspects of human sensitivity but do not need to be limited to this alone. Here is a list of descriptive essay topics for your consideration:

  1. You spend a vacation in the Caribbean, describe the different sites and sounds present on a white sand beach with a coral reef.
  2. Your first trip on a subway train in a large city that runs from the posh business section to the slums.
  3. Life from the point of view of a socially displaced person living on the streets of a wealthy town.
  4. How a pigeon sees the world in a crowded city.
  5. Life as a sea anemone on a coral reef in Australia.
  6. The world from the viewpoint of a sky diver plummeting towards earth from the edge of space.
  7. My trip across the Sahara desert by camel caravan through sandstorms and under a scorching sun.
  8. Describe the sensations and imagery a mountain climber at the summit of Mt.Everest experiences.
  9. The breath taking view that meets a city dweller when they first see a lush flower covered rain forest landscape.
  10. First time holding my newborn baby brother at the hospital minutes after birth.
  11. My world after ending a long term relationship.
  12. A violent and loud argument between my mom and dad.
  13. The various colors and sounds of prom night from the perspective of a nerd.
  14. I attend school in a building that has been around for over 500 years, describe how this could be different from conventional buildings.
  15. The first time I rode my brand new bike.
  16. A day running with the bulls of Spain and a participant gets injured in an unfortunate accident.
  17. Surviving an experience surfing in the ocean and being surrounded by sharks.
  18. Describe an experience where a movie brings you to tears which are noticed by your friends.
  19. You get lost on campus during your first day of high school and you find yourself witness to the meeting of a secret society.
  20. You visit an Islamic country and for the first time you see people living their lives differently from your own. Describe the first things that are apparent to you.

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