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A List Of Great Persuasive Essay Topics In The Medical Field

Every person in the world wants to live long owing to the realization that life is the only commodity that can enable us achieve all our dreams and live happily. In order to live long, one has to be healthy. Technology has seen to it that there are life-supporting machines to sustain life and give hope to human nature. However one cannot miss controversial topics hitting the headlines concerning health issues. Persuasive topics in medical field are just like arguments that people rise in everyday life concerning their health. This is so as to quench their desire to know the best way to live a healthy life in this world. The following therefore are examples of great persuasive topics in medical field.

  1. Punishment or rehab for drug addicts?
  2. This topic is discussed worldwide by both spiritual and non-spiritual groups. The movement as to whether drug addict should be punished first then rehabilitated still remains unsolved in most countries. Those convicted that drug addicts must be punished argue that the addicts are fully aware of their actions when they start using the illegal drugs and therefore no mercy when dealing with them. On the other hand, those on the side of the addicts have their say that the health of the addicts should be considered paramout.

  3. the question of health and sexuality among youths
  4. Should the youth practice abstinence? What about the free and the overly praised birth control methods in social media? This topic is discussed both in religious and political settings. The health organizations recommend the use of birth control methods in order to control diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The governments also support it in order to control population. What about religion and their sacred view of the human body?

  5. food and health
  6. This brings the debate on which food is healthy and which is not. Human beings would like to look attractive. “Watch what you eat” has always been a motto to everyone who wants to live a healthy life. Junks and fatty foods has been discouraged and everyone is seen trying all they can to eat healthy.

  7. religion and health
  8. All religious groups believe that their supernatural deity can heal them. So this raises the question as to whether it is necessary for people to go to the hospital for treatment.

  9. Health and diagnosis in better equipped hospitals
  10. Wealthy members of the society and leaders often fly abroad for their treatment. This leaves the rest of the citizens wondering and doubting about the medical equipment in their own countries.

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