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A List Of Great Sarcastic Essay Topics For Middle School Students

What’s the point of writing a sarcastic essay? First of all they are a lot more fun to write. Second, they certainly catch a teacher’s attention. Getting middle school activities to be proactive and interested in their writing assignments means thinking out of the box. So here is a short list of great sarcastic essay topics to consider:

  1. Why am I not an expert at anything except for sleeping and playing video games? It gets worse as you age. Does this say anything about how humans are evolving?
  2. What are five things your parents or driving instructor never tells you about the road? Pedestrians, police officers waiting around every corner, traffic, or having to pay for gas?
  3. Why do you think teens have the worst jobs with the lowest pay in the country? Is it really just a punishment imposed by conspiring adults who feel they need to punish kids even more than simply having to work?
  4. What do you think would happen if cats really did in fact rule the world? Would they lie around and sleep 18 hours per day as usual or would they enslave humans and for them to hunt for their own food?
  5. Why do so many people love watching cat videos online? There are thousands of cat videos that seem eerily the same? Are cats trying to tell us something subliminal?
  6. Why everything that comes on late night infomercials should be taken as fact? That magic sponge really can wipe away any stain. And it also serves as a great elbow rest in class.
  7. Why the customer is never right and actually couldn’t be more wrong? What is it with everyone who can’t possible accept they are wrong in any matter? Even when it’s perfectly plain to see.
  8. Why do you think that smoking cigarettes is the best possible thing for you to do? Is there even enough evidence to suggest that are bad for your health? Just look at how mature you’re going to look.
  9. Why do I hate certain types of music? (Enter any musical genre such as country, rap, rock, jazz, etc.). And on the flip side, why is a certain type of music the best from the rest?
  10. Why do you love your name so much and what it makes it better than the rest? Do you really have to explain it? Does it rhyme with anything you like more than some of your friends?

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