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A List Of Five-Paragraph Essay Topics On Friendship

Writing essays is one of the most assigned tasks to students during their academic careers. Different students require writing about different subjects and types depending upon their qualification level. Primary school students attempt papers about their best friends, favorite teachers, reasons for liking a certain subject or personality etc. When students promote to secondary level education they write about topics that are more detailed e.g. love, friendship, sacrifice, achievements and aims in life. Higher-level education requires complex types of essays including persuasive, analysis, comparison, descriptive, narrative and process essays.

Usually an essay consists of five paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion. Introduction is the first paragraph where you present your topic to the readers and show them what your paper focuses on. The body paragraphs usually three in number explain your major arguments individually. These can range from three to five but for a five-paragraph essay, you will need three body paragraphs. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion where you summarize your paper. If you are to write an assignment about friendship then the first thing you need is a good topic. Topic selection is very critical to maintain the overall direction and impact of your paper. The best way is to make a list of all the possible ideas in your mind and arrange them to create a good topic. You can delete irrelevant and illogical ideas and keep the ones that suit your paper the best.

If you are having a hard time selecting the right topic for your essay, then you should consider reading the topics below. These topics talk about various aspects of friendship, and the way you can use them to make a winning topic

List of interesting topics on friendship

  1. Friends by choice and siblings by luck, which one is better
  2. Is it better to have many friends or one good friend is enough
  3. Describe how a friend in need is a friend indeed
  4. How to distinguish between fake friends and true friends
  5. Can someone have many friends but still be alone
  6. Why do some people turn their friends into enemies
  7. Should one prefer friendship over blood relations
  8. Can you become friends with people with opposite interests
  9. Is it possible to be friends with someone half your age
  10. What does it mean to claim a friendship and prove one

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