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A list of compelling topics for your next academic essay

Academic essays are the bread and butter of the work you will do at college. Use them as an opportunity to improve and demonstrate not just your ability to write and argue well, but to think about difficult topics in innovative ways. This is the combination that your professors and teachers are looking for when grading. However in order to showcase your essay writing abilities you need the right topic, a topic which is serious, important and at least somewhat divisive. Don't be afraid to tackle controversial subjects, they can be perfect opportunities to show how well you handle sensitive subjects. Equally it's important to pick a field which has two or more schools of thought since it will allow you pitch your essay as a contribution to the discussion rather than merely reinforcing an already established belief.

Some suggestions

To help you get a grasp on the type of topic you should be considering for your essay topics here are a few example titles to consider:

  • Is there value in maintaining the illegal status of assisted suicide considering it has already become legal in some states?
  • Who has the right to decide which textbooks/books are studied in schools?
  • How has the modern understanding of freedom developed over the last century?
  • Do parents or teachers have a greater impact on a child's education and development?
  • With the continuing improvement of computing and machinery it was predicted that humans could eventually work a three day week. Why hasn't this situation materialized?
  • Much of what humanity believed it understood 100 years ago has since been proved incorrect. Is it reasonable to think that contemporary knowledge will maintain its veracity 100 years in the future?
  • Discuss the issues surrounding mass incarceration in the United States.
  • Should we alter the DNA of babies to prevent them being born with genetic diseases?
  • Is nuclear power a viable solution to the end the dependence on fossil fuels?
Things to remember

Hopefully some of our suggestions will get you thinking along the right track. The most important thing to remember when choosing an essay topic is to pick something which is relevant to your interests. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about a subject it will be very obvious in your writing, you will find it easier to put in the work that's required to produce an interesting, informative essay. However the best thing about choosing a subject which interests you is that you will enjoy the whole process of researching and writing a lot more.

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