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A Selection Of Good Animal Rights Essay Topics To Write About

Understandably, animal rights can be a very distressing issue to write about. However, it really is a vital subject that needs as much attention as possible. If you need some help coming up with a good topic for your essay about animal rights, have a look at our excellent list below.

Animals’ rights

Animals, like people, deserve to have certain rights. What rights should animals have? What rights do animals currently have?

Human overpopulation

The serious problem of human overpopulation is a major threat to many animal species. Should we start limiting the number of children people can have in a bid to save endangered species?

Animals as food

Human beings can undoubtedly survive on a diet without meat. Should everyone become vegetarian to preserve animals’ rights? What will happen to all the animals that are currently being kept for meat? Where will they live until they die of natural causes?

The fur trade

The fur trade is a hugely controversial business. Should killing animals for their fur be banned? Should it be illegal to own fur, like ivory? What about the rights of other animals killed for their skins, like alligators or ostriches?


It can be argued that human beings have certain obligations to animals. Do human beings have any obligations towards animals? If so, what are these obligations?

Animals as property

Some people believe that animals are just objects that they can own. Are animals simply property? If so, does this violate their rights in any way? If they’re not property, what are they classified as?


Currently, animals are used for medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic research purposes. Is there any alternative to using animals for research?

Hunting for sport

Many people enjoy hunting animals for sport. Should hunting for sport be banned? What about cases where the hunters eat the meat of the animal they hunted for sport? Does that make it acceptable?

Factory farming

Factory farming is another highly controversial issue in the field of animal rights. Is factory farming ethical? What are the alternatives to factory farming? How viable are these alternatives?


Pets, or companion animals, are an important part of many people’s lives. Is keeping a domesticated animal as a pet a violation of its rights? Is keeping a wild animal as a pet a violation of its rights?

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