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Composing A Strong Essay On Why Education Has Become A Business

When it comes to essay writing, it is all about the topic. In this case, you will have to answer the given question by stating reasons as to why education has become a business. Since it is an essay like any other, the outline will be similar to that of other essays. The only difference is the content. You have to come up with an essay that provides answers to the given topic question.

Organize your thought

Before you begin writing the main essay, first start by thinking about what type of essay that you would like to produce. For instance, you can consider giving a general overview o education becoming a business, or give a specific analysis.

Crate an outline

Now begin writing that which is in your head. Think of the things in the society that prove that people are taking an advantage of education and turning it into a source of income for themselves, an outline simply means writing the topic then listing down some of the main ideas clearly. You can still add smaller ideas to each of the small ideas. This is what will help you see where the points connect.

Compose your thesis statement

This is something mandatory that has to be included in your essay on e4ducation. It is here that you will express to the reader that your essay is going to discuss how education how education is becoming a business. Ensure that the thesis statement that you come up with has two parts. Write about the topic in the first part. In the second, write about the point of your essay.

Write the body

It is here that you will explain reasons as to why education is turning into a business. Since the question is a why question, you must provide the answers.

Organize your essay well

Check on paragraphing. For instance, write the main idea as the first sentence in each of your body paragraphs. (Topic sentence) this serves s the in introductory sentence. You have to support the main ideas. Provide supporting sentences.

Compose your introduction

Since you already have content for the essay, you can now draft the introduction. It should highlight the focus of your essay. Write a good one that attracts the reader’s attention.

Write the conclusion

Conclude by summing up your overall reasons on why education has become a business.

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